Data Services


Our firm works in a discreet and confidential manner to provide analytics that can be used by asset managers to create excess returns and mitigate volatility arising from geopolitical conflict. Additionally, these analytics can be used by individuals and organizations, both governmental and commercial, to mitigate a broad array of risks.

Index Products

JH Whitney designs and sponsors Indexes that provide exposure to our investment themes. Our initial index, the Solactive/Whitney US Critical Technologies Index, provides exposure to companies associated with Critical Technologies as defined by the US Department of Defense in February 2022 (Strategic Vision and Critical Technology Areas) using a Whitney proprietary Technology – Company association algorithm and a Whitney proprietary Geo-Strategic Risk Rating screen.

Geostrategic Risk Ratings

The Whitney Geo-Strategic Risk Rating (GSRR) schema quantifies the measure of entanglement of individual publicly reporting companies with Nation States defined as Adversarial in the US Intelligence Community Annual Threat Assessment (2022 Annual Threat Assessment of The U.S. Intelligence Community). In the publicly published GSRR Phase I, we employ a proprietary multifactor model utilizing data drawn from company public disclosure documents to achieve a high level of data attribution and transparency.

Advanced Analytics

Whitney prepares qualitative GSRR Phase II ratings based on an expanded data set of over 6 million sources including those in all major languages. These ratings expand on individual companies’ susceptibility to loss of business continuity and exposure to potential loss of corporate property. Further Whitney produces GSRR Phase III ratings upon specific engagement to identify specific corporate facilities and policies which may contribute to greater risks.