About Us

Who We Are

Investors & Analysts

J.H. Whitney is a team of deeply experienced Financial Professionals and former USG Intelligence Professionals who joined together to provide support for the US Department of Defense in the continuous assessment of Nation State competition in the Global Economic domain.

Our expertise and activities work across Capital Markets, Cyber Operations, and Strategic Corporate Activity.

Long Term and Thematic

Rise of China


We invest in, acquire, build, and partner with companies

We are both direct producers of proprietary political-economic analytics, and also systems integrators of allied disciplines of Cyber and Supply Chain risk management analytics.

What We Do

Global Strategic Context

Among our unique capabilities is to put US companies or capabilities in a global strategic context to illuminate where Nation State or Nation State sponsored competition have strategies which directly target US Interests.

PRC National Economic Campaigns

In particular, we have a deep focus on PRC National Economic Campaigns including Made in China 2025 and One Belt One Road.

Geo-economic Domain Elements

Our current theme focuses on the increase in friction in all geo-economic domain elements will require countries and companies to require new tools to cope.